ShareBar4First of all, there really shouldn’t be any secrets when it comes to email marketing and social media. In actuality, we are not talking about anything that is a true secret; moreover, it’s just a powerful extra element that can be easily added to every email, that is so often simply forgotten in our haste to “get the email out”.

One of the things that I teach is that email marketing is really all about sharing information. Sharing is caring, right? So, why leave any aspect of sharing “on the table”? That is, we need to take advantage of any opportunity available to share your message. Introducing: The Social Share Bar.

I’ve noticed that the Share Bar is the most forgotten tool among users of Constant Contact. The reality is, it’s so really easy to add to your emails! Below is a short video on how to add the share bar to your emails, along with the written step by step. You can’t go wrong. The bonus: if you add the social share bar to your master email (you are using a master, right?) before you save it, it will be there for you already, so it can’t be forgotten.

Why use a social share bar?

The social share bar also suffers from being a bit misunderstood. It does not link to your personal or business social media pages. Its purpose is to give the recipient of your email an opportunity to share it if they like what they see. As an example, if you send me an email, and I want to share your message, I can click on the small Facebook “F” and share it with my friends. That can be powerful. If anyone else sees it who might not know you, they might connect with you as well. Pretty cool right?

PS You still need links in the email to your own social media locations to help people find you!

Adding the Social Share Bar:

1. Select your theme

2. Mouse over the top section of the email template, “Header Options”, and click on it.



3. In the Header Options window, click the box for the Social Share Links, then click “OK”.


4. The Social Share bar should be visible in your email layout. Click the “Master Save” (the yellow “save” at the top right) and you’re all set!


There is nothing more important than sharing your message. This is just one more tool in your arsenal that you can easily use to get the job done right!