I Recommend (And Use) These Marketing Tools

Curious about what I use in my business? After using these particular tools extensively, I can proudly recommend them to you. 

The most reliable webinar hosting platform. There is problably nothing worse than a "webinar gone bad". Trust me, I've been there. Once you lose your audience, they are gone forever.

GoToWebinar is easy to use. GoToWebinar is very easy to use. You'll get used to it in no time!

They have an excellent support system. Need assistance? They have people you can actually call on the phone to help you with any questions you have, or to help you learn to use the product more efficiently. PS There's also a thirty day FREE trial period!

You also have access to GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is great for smaller groups or one-on-one screen sharing sessions. You'll also have your very own personal login page to use!

The LeadPages team is located in Minneapolis, Minnesote. They have created conversion tools to make it easier to make great looking landing pages for your marketing.

Publish and split test your pages to the LeadPages server, your own server, Facebook, and through WordPress.

Use LeadBoxes to build your list faster from any blog post, page, or partner's website. Also check out LeadDigits (subscribe to a list via text/SMS) and LeadLinks (1-click registration for webinars and sublists) for building your audience.

I used LeadPages to create THIS resources page in under 30 minutes - without knowing any HTML, CSS or code. Get started with LeadPages here.

Easy to use drag and drop templates that you can customize for a professional look that reinforces your brand.

Actual people that you can call to help you with questions or issues - not just emailing or "chatting".

Tons of online and live training opportunities. Join a webinar or seminar to learn how to use email and social media to grow your business.

Flexible and Easy to use to create great images for your blog or social media.

Just watch the video!

Schedule social media posts in advance to all of your social media platforms and keep track of published posts.

Like, comment or share, right from within Hootsuite.

Easily allows teams to work together on social media posting. 

View post insights and see interactions in real time. Start a FREE trial of Hootsuite here.

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