Email Marketing: The Best Tool for Marketing Your Business Online

email-keyKeep in touch to be on top and keep in front of your customers, members, donors, and those with the potential to help your business grow!

Email Marketing is the most underrated form of marketing. Some call it “old-fashioned”, favoring more fashionable venues such as social media and mobile-app marketing.  The collaboration of Constant Contact and specialized solutions providers such as have proven the doubters to be incorrect! In fact, with a strong focus on content marketing, email marketing is more powerful than ever thanks to social media.

Why is Email Marketing more powerful than Social Media?

CTCTLogoOn-ScreenUsageTag_270x125-altWith Email Marketing, the conversation is focused on your business in a more personal environment – the INBOX! Email Marketing provides the most direct line of communication to increase sales, with professional coaching from solution providers who utilize the most trusted Email Marketing platform in the industry, Constant Contact!

Marketing to the 99%

Studies have shown that a whopping 90% of business comes from repeat customers – that is, customers who have purchased or used your services in the past. 90% of the remaining 10%, comes from referrals from people who already know you or have done business with you. So, why wouldn’t you want to keep n touch with this excellent “referral engine”? Email marketing is your best tool to “nudge” those who know you, so that they will continue to see you as the expert, and think of you first when they, or someone they know, needs YOUR services.

Building Your Online Business Toolkit

Online marketing is changing rapidly and it is important to change with it. Constant Contact’s Toolkit combines all the tools you need to market effectively online. It’s no longer enough to merely send emails. Toolkit combines the power of surveys, event planning, social marketing and more together with email marketing to give a boost to your overall online presence.

Let us help you make a change in how you market your business online.