Three Things You Must Do to Boost Your Marketing

I'm not usually one to make predictions, because they rarely come to pass. If they do, it's certainly not because I said anything about it. And, what's more, predictions generally don't help business owners make better decisions, they just make the predictor feel like a know-it-all. Guess what - I am far from a know-it-all. I am, however, intuitive, and knowing trends when it comes to online marketing is my job.

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Using the Top Secret “Email Power Share”

First of all, there really shouldn’t be any secrets when it comes to email marketing and social media. In actuality, we are not talking about anything that is a true secret; moreover, it’s just a powerful extra element that can be easily added to every email, that is so often simply forgotten in our haste to “get the email out”.

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Stop Using Email Marketing!

Wow! I’ll bet you didn’t see that coming! Neither did I, and I do this for a living. The real truth is, email marketing is changing radically. “Marketing:  the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” Promoting? Selling? No one wants to be “sold” to, and, let’s [...]

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The Email Marketing Guru Celebrates Earth Day

I just got an email from Recyclebank proclaiming April as Earth Month. I am sort of a “go green” person, although not to any extreme. I just find it interesting that, what used to be Earth Day, April 22nd, is now Earth Month. Oh, and by the way, in March we all turned our lights [...]

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Procrastinate on Rainy Days Only Please

I grew up as a perfectionist. You would think that would be a good thing, right? Wrong. It has made me one of the biggest procrastinators on Mother Earth. As a perfectionist, I can never get anything started unless I think that I can totally win and have an absolutely perfect outcome, so I am [...]

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True Then, Even Truer Today: Content is King

Hand drawing Content flow chart on transparent wipe board. I talk a lot about your “Total Online Presence” and have a seminar presentation of that very name. One of the key elements (and perhaps the most important) of “your online presence” is content. I recently found a copy of this essay by Bill [...]

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