About Marsha Pearson, Online Marketing Coach

JAMM7720-adjustedI never actually considered myself to be a “guru”. To be a guru means that a person thinks they know more about something than everyone else. The real truth, though, is that I learn new things everyday from people just like you and I am far from knowing everything.

I do, however, consider myself a specialist in email marketing as well as other online elements like social media and websites, especially to the extent that those things interact with email. As a Master Certified Partner and Authorized Local Expert with Constant Contact, I help business people learn how to use email and social media tools to digitally market their business better and more efficiently.

What does it mean to be “Master Certified”?

2016_ctct_master_certified_420x105In order to become Master Certified with Constant Contact, one not only has to prove they “know their stuff”, but also has to demonstrate ways in which one has brought value to customers in the past, as well as prove what they can bring to future customers.

This is a “big deal” and not everyone achieves this status.

Teachers Teach…

As an online marketing instructor, I help people just like you learn to use online tools to grow their business. Try a free webinar, or join one of my training classes. Trainings are limited to ten attendees only, so everyone can get their questions answered. Topics include:

  • Basic Email Design
  • Advanced Email Design
  • The Law and the Internet
  • Let’s set up a free website
  • Using Facebook Ads
  • … and more

Are you looking for something special? Just let me know and we can arrange something just for you.