Lightbulb_500When I talk to Realtor friends, it seems that they usually only want to talk about real estate statistics. News flash: there is a reason I’m not a Realtor, and an overdose of real estate statistics is not that interesting. I mean, once in a great while, or if something really juicy is happening in the housing market, but to keep repeating “now is a great time to sell” (or buy), well, ho hum. I only care how much my home is worth, and I really  only care when I want to sell it, or perchance to purchase another.

Luckily, there are so many other things to talk about besides statistics. The only real problem, as far as I can tell, is “brain freeze”. The minute you have to think of a topic, you can’t come up with anything.

So, just to give you a hand, here are 100 topics to consider. If you send one email per month, with one topic per month, that’s eight years! Okay, so go hog wild and send two per month – that’s still over four years of good topics. One thing to always keep in mind, the idea is to engage, so you have to provide information that is relevant and interesting to your audience, or they won’t bother with your emails. Here you go, in no particular order:

  1. Weather phenomena and how it affects you home (rain, snow, sleet, hail, heat, cold – you name it, it’s fair game)
  2. Dogs and their effects on selling your home; what to do with your dog when selling your home
  3. Cats (and cat litter) and the effects on selling your home
  4. Fist time buyer? 5 questions to ask your Realtor before you get started
  5. How to find a great plumber (electrician, contractor)
  6. Cleaning your gutters: DIY or hire someone to do it for you?
  7. How to tell if your gutters need replacing
  8. How long should you expect your furnace (hot water heater, etc) to last?
  9. The value of landscaping when selling your home
  10. How to hire a great landscaper
  11. Garage door maintenance tips (I actually received this from someone in an email – genius!)
  12. How do I know if I need a home security system? What should I look for in a home security system?
  13. Do I need a home staging professional, and how to select a good one? (or 5 questions to ask before hiring a home staging professional)
  14. 10 things you should remove from your home before putting it on the market
  15. How to organize a home maintenance manual (a notebook that holds warranty information on home appliances, as well as records key dates of major home repairs and upgrades)
  16. Should I reface my kitchen cabinets, or purchase new ones?
  17. Hiring a home inspector when purchasing a new home
  18. When do I need a mortgage broker? Why can’t I just go to my bank?
  19. What is a “mortgage pre-approval” and do I need it? Also what you can expect during the mortgage pre-approval process
  20. 3 things to consider when purchasing a home with a swimming pool.
  21. How to sell your home with your son’s hamster in his bedroom.
  22. Creaky stairs: are they a deal breaker? (or squeaky floors)
  23. Is paint color a big deal when selling your home these days?
  24. What to look for when buying new construction
  25. How to stage an older home
  26. 7 things to consider when moving your elderly parents
  27. Bird feeders and selling your home
  28. The importance of outdoor living spaces in today’s housing market
  29. Raccoons or squirrels in the attic
  30. Bats in the attic or behind shutters
  31. Birds (Starlings) in your dryer vent
  32. The importance of keeping the dryer vent free of excess lint
  33. What to do about noisy or inconsiderate neighbors
  34. Garages and grease stains on the floor
  35. An invasion of ants, and what to do about it
  36. Selling your home: a crowded basement
  37. How to tell if you have a mold problem
  38. How to hire a mold eradication expert
  39. Hardwood floors vs carpeting – does it matter?
  40. 9 Tips to keep your home safe while on vacation
  41. Are my bushes too old? How to tell when trees and bushes need to be replaced
  42. Hiring a professional organizer
  43. Fixing a leaky roof – when should I replace my roof?
  44. Driveway maintenance
  45. Thinking Spring in the Fall: How planting bulbs can help sell your home
  46. Are you Felix Unger or Oscar Madison? Your personality may help or hurt the sale of your home
  47. Selling a home: Kid’s toys all around
  48. Moving with kid’s – coping with changes in schools and friends, how to explain it to them
  49. Selling your home in a flood plain
  50. Buying a home in a flood plain
  51. The pros and cons of a finished basement
  52. Fireplaces: Wood burning vs. gas
  53. Setting up an emergency escape plan in case of fire
  54. What to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away: how to decide
  55. Photographing valuables/your home in case of theft, fire or other disaster/emergency
  56. Does the smell of cookies baking really sell a home?
  57. Why do I need a Realtor?
  58. Your neighbor’s tree fell on your house? Now what? Who is responsible?
  59. Recipes: Always something seasonal; it can be a drink (smoothie, mojito) or family favorite (Mom’s potato salad, the best beef stew, Sue Ellen’s guacamole)
  60. 3 ways to protect yourself from door-to-door scammers
  61. The importance of a clean attic when selling your home
  62. How to make and organize a home buyers “pros and cons” checklist, and why it is important
  63. The value of a deck to a home
  64. How do I know if my deck is safe?
  65. Buying a home: school district tips to consider
  66. Preparing for a long distance move
  67. Moving next door (around the block)? Why some people do it
  68. Buying a Condominium: 12 things to consider
  69. Downsizing
  70. Upsizing – it’s not like “bigger french fries”
  71. Hiring a contractor
  72. Kitchen remodelling and home values
  73. Bathroom remodelling and home values
  74. The importance of more than one bathroom in today’s home market
  75. How to keep track of routine home maintenance chores (i.e., changing filters in the furnace, changing the water filter)
  76. “My neighbor’s cat is using my yard as a litter box.” What can I do?
  77. “My neighbor’s keep their dog in their backyard and it barks all the time.” What can I do? (or my neighbor lets his’her dog loose without a leash)
  78. When do I need a lawyer to sell/buy a home?
  79. How to sell a home when someone has passed away
  80. Creating Curb appeal and “what is that”?
  81. How to take great photos of your home interior
  82. Converting your attic into another room
  83. How to buy an historic property
  84. Buying property only
  85. Hiring a lawn mowing service (one take: a guy we had a few years ago would mow rain or shine, and even mow the grass in August that was coughing from lack of rain – needless to say, he had to go!)
  86. Pesticides and your yard: yea or nay? Go organic?
  87. A mouse in the house? a few tips on controlling rodent pests inside your home
  88. Power washing your home
  89. How to handle property line disputes
  90. Dressing your windows: for appeal or privacy
  91. Deer at my doorstep: How to keep wildlife out of your flower beds (maybe suggest a few deer resistant plants)
  92. Crooked floors and the “marble test”: what does that mean?
  93. Home energy saving tips
  94. Do you need a home energy audit and what to expect from it
  95. Feng Shui
  96. Share upcoming events in your community
  97. “Pull back the cover” – share something about yourself
  98. Share a funny or touching video from You Tube (it doesn’t have to be home or realty related, just interesting and shareable.
  99. Termites and termite inspections
  100. Radon

That’s it! Can you think of a few more? Add them to the comments section below! PS These also make great blog topics, if you are so inclined. Go crazy!